Adult Site SoftwareMechbunny Adult Tube Script

Our custom tube solutions are home-grown and not based off any existing tube software. All tube scripts developed by us come with full unencoded sources and unlimited domain license (outside of resale or redistribution). Our software has proven itself on sites pushing in excess of 30gbits/sec and 30 million pageviews a day.

Our Script is 100% Unencoded and Features an Unlimited Domain License!

Tube Script Features:

  • h264 file conversion from nearly any format
  • 100% Unencoded! Unlimited Domain License!
  • Mobile Phone Version of site included!
  • Toggle automatic redirection of mobile devices to mobile version
  • Custom Video Player with pre/mid/postroll and in-player hover ads
  • Paysite Ad system built-in
  • Automatic thumbnailing with animations
  • Built to handle massive traffic and scalable across multiple servers
  • Video streaming via Lighttpd, RTMP (Adobe Media Server/Wowza/Red5), or CDN
  • User uploads with progress bar
  • Sponsor/Partner Upload Accounts
  • User Profiles with Avatars and Comments
  • User Uploads with Progress Bar
  • User Favorites
  • User Commenting
  • Inter-User Messaging system to create a strong community
  • Video Star Rating
  • Video View Counting
  • Related Videos on every video page!
  • Most Popular / Most Discussed / Top Rated / Most Recent / Longest Videos
  • Custom written MySQL Caching solution gaurentees high performance
  • FTP Video Import
  • Sponsor Dump Import with or without Hotlinking
  • Optional Tube Scraper (Updated monthly with new sites to scrape)
  • Automated content adding (x videos per hour/day)
  • All sites are built-to-order. ANY FEATURE IS POSSIBLE!

FLV Player Features:

  • Pre-play / Pause / Post-play XML ads
  • Inline Hover Ads (similar to youtube)
  • Player watermarking
  • Supports mp4 and flv
  • Streaming and skipping ahead (scrubbing) over apache, lighttpd, nginx & rtmp
  • Configurable player colors
  • Embedable

Tube Script Features:

  • 100% Unencoded. Does not require zend or ioncube! Full sources included
  • Proven on very high traffic sites. Does not crash your server!
  • Unlimited domain license (outside resale/redistribution).
  • Use it on as many sites as you want!
  • Customizable. We can add in any feature you want or need.
  • Easy to use! We've seen the competition. Our script is easy as pie to operate!