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Love System 2

The ultimate online dating software is found right here at We bring to you the Love System, the best way for you to start up your new dating website. And even if you currently have a dating website but are unhappy with its lack of features, check out Love System!

Love System is packed full of features and can be customized to add more. Have something in mind and are unsure of how to add it? No problem! Contact our sales department and tell us what you would like to incorporate. We can have a custom quote for new modifications to you in about 24 - 48 hours.

Our high-quality software offers affordability and flexibility, which allows you to provide your members with a truly engaging online dating experience.

Our dating system software can help you establish an online dating presence in the shortest time possible and at a fraction of the cost it would take to develop your own in-house solution. Whether your site is targeting the international market or a niche segment of this vast and expanding business sector, you will quickly appreciate the comprehensive features included in the software and the flexibility provided by a template driven solution.

Requirements: Your hosting must have Linux/Unix OS, PHP 4.0.6 or higher (Apache and CGI modules), MySQL 3.23.xx or higher, ImageMagick, SendMail, Cron, Shell access (SSH). Otherwise we will not be able to install Love System 2 properly.

Key Online Dating System Features

  • Powerful, secure, fast and stable PHP/MySQL-based online personals community site
  • Unlimited functionality modification options and easy design/layout customization
  • Flexible payment system that can be integrated with different gateway payment providers
  • Scalable user database engine artificially tested to maintain up to 8,000,000 members
  • Voice and video, live chat, instant messenger, ZIP code search, who's online, ratings, comments
  • Double-blind on-site text messages, on-the-fly photo scaling, advanced matchmaking options
  • Convenient admin panel, search engine friendly structure, low running costs
  • Online chat+voice+video, news, and success stories modules

Full Online Dating System Feature List

Basic Description

  • Fast, secure, effective structure and code: PHP / MySQL / Linux
  • Professional installation: Up and running within 7 working days
  • E-mail confirmation routine
  • Checks e-mails to be unique
  • Member registration form - 3 steps
  • Five types of user account status
  • "Links", "FAQ", "About us", "Contact us" pages
  • On-the-fly photo auto scaling
  • Invite / tell a friend
  • Email member profile

User-friendly, convenient online administration system

  • Multiple languages & templates
  • Featured profile generation
  • Easy text, code, graphics modification
  • "Online/Offline" user status
  • Displays the number of registered members from defined countries who are online/present|
  • E-mail notifications and news system
  • "Articles" system for more text content
  • User data export support

Fully customizable profile requirements and site settings

  • Ability to set minimal number of characters for "About me" and "About you" fields
  • Ability to set required size of "Password" field
  • Ability to set number of days for "Available for free" feature
  • Ability to set number of days for "Contact anyone" feature
  • Customizable number of photos a member can upload
  • Customizable field set

Member features

  • Newsletters
  • "Last logged-in" information
  • Essay (extended "About me" section)
  • Profile ratings
  • Number of profile views with the ability to list the members who viewed the profile
  • Block members (members can block all correspondence from certain members)

Photo gallery

  • Automatic photo upload system
  • Search results can be presented in the form of a photo gallery
  • Photo rating (similar to

Member communication options

  • Double-blind virtual kisses
  • Double-blind messaging
  • Messenger with storing system
  • Advanced control panel for members (profile status and all-contacts information)
  • Media (video and voice messages in profiles)
  • Online chat room for members
  • Hot list / buddies / favorites
  • Instant messenger with admin ability to set up users' permissions

Convenient search options

  • Quick search
  • Advanced search
  • Sorting and search narrowing
  • USA states and ZIP codes search options
  • Matchmaking (auto search based on user-specified criteria)
  • Love mail (matchmaking results in auto-sending)

Online credit card payment processing

  • Can be integrated with any payment processing company (Paycom, Websitebilling, PayPal, iBill, etc.)
  • 100% automated. Script automatically sends purchase information after the payment is processed
  • One-time and recurring payment support
  • Functional "Thank you for your order" page with payment processing results reporting