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LiveCamNetwork 3.0

Stream high quality LIVE video + chat services over the Internet to thousands of viewers at the same time, in Real Time!  Make Money charging per-minute to view, chat & interact with your broadcasters!

What is LiveCamNetwork?

LiveCamNetwork is a combination software and Customizable Website that lets you broadcast anything you like
over the Internet to your customers, on your website, and charge them for the prevelidge to view, chat, and interact with your live talent.

What can I use it for?

Use liveCamNetwork to start your own video chat website, or to expand your existing website. Offer live adult, psychic, consulting, teaching, training or other video chat services. Use it yourself, or hire entertainers or consultants to chat for you from their own homes or studios. Broadcast anything you like to your customers, and charge them whatever you like. LiveCamNetwork makes you money.

Why LiveCamNetwork?

Your customers will love the Real Time, high quality video and audio quality they experience on your website when powered by LiveCamNetwork. Instead of the 8 second delay of other chat systems or "jerky" frame rates of only 2 or 3 FPS (Frames per Second), LiveCamNetwork delivers up to 30 frames per second real-time video with virtually no lag to a large, scalable video-chat window displayed on your website. Add high quality stereo audio and you have an outstanding and compelling package your customers will find impossible to resist.

Can I use my own name and logos?

Yes. LiveCamNetwork is completely brandable and customizable. The LiveCamNetowk license allows you to install your own branding, logos, and look-and-feel. When your customers use your LiveCamNetwork video chat website, they always remain in your domain. They are never redirected when clicking on any links or chatting in any chat room, even when using Mbase. Your customers see your brand and your brand only. The only exception occurs when they make a purchase via a 3rd party IPSP such as CCBill. The basic template (seen here) is Included with your purchase. You can completely change the site's look and feel via standard HTML and CSS programming, or simply replace the logo file with your own if thats all you want to do. If you don't know how, we will gladly do this for you.

What is the "Network" in LiveCamNetwork?

LiveCamNetwork's unique Mbase Virtual Studio Software lets you network with other owners to buy, sell or trade your live content to them. Work with others to increase the amount of chat hosts you have to work with, and increase your customer base at the same time! Just like a real television network, local broadcasts you may produce could be of interest and value to other markets. With LCN, you have theability to provide your live content to those owners for any fees that you set. Your content will reach a wider audience, and you earn additional revenue!