Project Workflow

    • 1Once you have decided to come on board with us, your project will be entered into our custom design project management system Envisionext Groupware Suite.
    • 2Your project will be assigned a dedicated Project Manager who will attend to any of the project needs. Your project manager will ensure that the specifications and comments you post in Groupware Suite will be correctly relayed to designers and other relevant parties, all of whom are in the system.
    • 3When a file or a comment is posted in the project, everyone in the system is notified simultaneously, thus ensuring no leak in the work flow. This is why we require that all comments be posted in our system, regardless of whether they have been previously discussed with a project manager or account manager. We want to ensure that comments are never missed, and that your project is completed efficiently and to your standards.
    • 4Once a draft by our designers is posted in the system, you can post either a jpeg/gif/png file with comments, type text comments, or use our exclusive FullProof system powered by Adobe Flash to post your comments without leaving your browser.
    • 5The workflow will continue until the project is completed and accepted by you.

    • 6After your final payment, you will receive all of the source files from the work we have done.